Frequently Asked Questions!
Frequently Asked Questions!

We provide the full range of planning, design, engineering and management services for the complete rail project lifecycle. Together, we provide clients and partners comprehensive planning, design, program and construction management services, and strategic advice for high-speed rail systems to main line railways, through to passenger and freight rail projects. Combined with our depth of experience and expertise in complex buildings and linear infrastructure, we have the know-how, adaptability and responsiveness that governments and the private sector require to meet challenging rail programs in a variety of delivery environments.

Transportation agencies

Emmaty executes projects under every form of project delivery, including design-build and public-private partnership. We employ the latest technologies and methodologies to develop infrastructure that addresses anticipated demographic, social, and economic changes, and we plan and design transportation systems to be resilient to the threats posed by climate change.

Engineering and Planning

Our engineers and planners view public transit as a means to improve the communities in which we live and work, and wherever possible we apply the latest concepts in sustainable development to improve social, economic and environmental conditions.

Innovative Design

We help our clients find the right solutions to their challenges through innovative planning and design, deep knowledge of the federal and local regulatory environments, and strong management of project delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions! Frequently Asked Questions!