Power, Utilities & Renewables - Emmaty
Power, Utilities & Renewables - Emmaty

Emmaty's Utilities & Renewables team helps clients across power generation; transmission; distribution and water anticipate and respond to complex market challenges and resulting opportunities by offering an unparalleled range of services, innovation, and solutions.

At Emmaty, we understand that demands on the power industry are constant. That's why we work tirelessly to deliver on-time, quality projects that keep the power flowing and the lights on. Emmaty's capabilities includes working on a range of aerial and overhead, underground, distribution, substation, and transmission projects.

Our commitment to safety is matched only by our commitment to performance. Our precision project management and EPC delivery services create efficiencies that drive real value for our customers.


Why Choose Emmaty

Partnering with forward-thinking companies to bring you the most reliable and responsive systems.

We provide services & support that produce high-quality results.

The best technology—installed and maintained by the best-trained people.

The attention to detail and communication between management, owners and operators is the driving force that gives us the ability to execute a successful on-time project.

Smart Building Controls

Energy Conscious, Money Smart

Lighting and Electrical Controls are smart business. Daylight controls reduce artificial light when natural light is available. Time and schedule controls lower your energy needs during closed hours. Occupancy sensors intelligently turn off lights not in use. Save energy, save money, with control technology from EMMATY.

Best of the Industry

With so many different control options available, it can be difficult to separate the best from the rest. EMMATY provides and promotes only the best manufacturers and suppliers of controls products and technologies. From independent wireless controls to integrated network systems, we are constantly evaluating and rating the latest control products so that you do not have to.

Your Expert Partner

Our knowledgeable professionals are the ideal guides to determining which solutions will bring you the greatest benefit at the best cost. With our experienced field personnel, proven project managers, and industry-best ongoing support, EMMATY is committed to helping you maintain comfort and safety, while also increasing efficiency.

Power, Utilities & Renewables - Emmaty Power, Utilities & Renewables - Emmaty