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Emmaty's mission is to significantly reduce the energy bill of our customers through its innovative exterior solutions while increasing their property's value, curb appeal, and reducing their carbon footprint.


Message from Our CEO

"At Emmaty, we envision a future where solar power plays an essential role in energy generation. We look forward to helping achieve a sustainable-energy future where every house and building is equipped with affordable and reliable solar power. Energy produced from solar panels cannot be optimized without the proper protection for your home. Having a strong, solid roof, and top-of-the-line siding is what controls your energy consumption by preventing a drafty home.

Customers choose us because we deliver the best possible value. Our designs and system solutions combine superior quality with the highest production values for solar and returns on investment. Our installation quality, our value-based pricing, our positive track record with hundreds of positive reviews, our best-in-class equipment and our warranties make us the easy choice.

Start saving and standing out in your neighborhood with Emmaty!"

Madeline Cabrera, PhD

Madeline Cabrera comes from a background in engineering and Research & Development (R&D) in the area of Renewable Energy and Smart Grid. She is the author of several published articles in scientific journals in the area of Solar Energy Optimization. She earned her bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering, a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Howard University, and completed her PhD in Systems Engineering from The George Washing University. Madeline was awarded a Postdoctoral Research Fellow from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University. Madeline partnered with her husband Hector and founded Emmaty. She is committed to delivering a unique service experience for each customer and the best environment for our growing workforce.



Provide equal career opportunity, and be committed to support our female talent.

At Emmaty we foster equality and increase women’s meaningful participation in the solar energy industry and construction. At Emmaty, we overcome barriers and create opportunities for women.


Generating electricity with solar power instead of fossil fuels can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2). Greenhouse gases, which are produced when fossil fuels are burned, lead to rising global temperatures and climate change. Every house that Emmaty Solar powers with the Sun has the same emissions reduction effect as planting around 150 trees every year!


We want... Problem-solvers

We want... Self-motivators

We want... Action-oriented thinkers

We believe… In guiding people to smart sustainability!

We believe… In leading by example!

We believe… Everyone deserves freedom!

Home exterior remodeling and restoration | Roofing | Siding | Windows. Home exterior remodeling and restoration | Roofing | Siding | Windows. Home exterior remodeling and restoration | Roofing | Siding | Windows.