Frequently Asked Questions!
Frequently Asked Questions!

Mission critical facilities require highly resilient infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted critical services that enable business, operations, and systems to function efficiently, effectively and above all continuously.

Energy-Efficient Solutions

We will deliver the best possible solution to our clients, provide substantial cost and energy savings.

Solutions for Every Project Phase

Our comprehensive service offerings include due diligence, investigations, reports and studies; fire protection; power and cooling systems; intelligent building systems (including converged communication networks, and electronic security, audiovisual, emergency communications and facility management systems); and information and communication technology services.

Future-Proof Designs for Every Sector

At Emmaty, we know downtime isn’t an option. We ensure that our clients’ systems are designed to the highest standards of resilience, redundancy, level of fault tolerance, security and maintenance, while respecting budget constraints. We have the expertise, experience and commitment needed to guarantee the timely delivery of resilient and energy-efficient mission critical facilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions! Frequently Asked Questions!