Frequently Asked Questions!
Frequently Asked Questions!

At Emmaty, we are at the forefront of delivering academic facilities solutions, from primary and secondary schools to colleges and universities. Our academic clients turn to us for the guidance and expertise to produce enduring educational spaces that balance learning opportunity, economic responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Primary and Secondary Education

Whether classrooms need to be able to change physical sizes and layouts or electrical systems need to allow for increased connectivity and digital support, we have the expertise and knowledge to address these challenges. Primary and secondary schools must be inspiring and inviting, but also designed to survive the daily wear and tear of thousands of children and adolescents over the course of decades – all within strict budget constraints.

Colleges and Universities

We are committed to delivering sustainable solutions which support academic aspirations and help educational institutions attract and retain students and staff, all while contributing to the wider community.

21st Century Learning Environments

We work closely with clients to develop flexible learning environments adapted to the increasing thirst for knowledge and the rapidly evolving needs of the 21st century.

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Frequently Asked Questions! Frequently Asked Questions!