Design Build, Assist & IPD - Emmaty
Design Build, Assist & IPD - Emmaty

The future of construction is collaboration. The EMMATY design build, design assist, and IPD (integrated project delivery) team understands the dynamics and advantages of cooperative building and thrives in a Lean construction culture.

Emmaty has nearly one decade of experience in collaborative building, combining our rich history and know-how with our innovative culture to be on the leading edge of new construction ideology. Our design build, design assist, and IPD team has a deep bench of talented professionals from preconstruction through project completion. Over the years, we have honed our skills and adopted a Lean construction culture in both our preconstruction and our project management teams. We work together with other trade partners, General Contractors, engineers, architects, and owners, integrating safety, estimating, engineering, constructability, cost savings, and scheduling into every project. Through this process, our teams engage in true peer collaboration, driving premium value for our customers.






Lean construction practices


Real time estimating


EMMATY'S BIM/CAD expertise comes into play during the earliest phases of a project. As things progress, our ability to collaborate and proactively advise architects, GCs, project managers, and other trades helps avoid setbacks and surprises.


Getting it done right means starting the right way. Emmaty uses the latest in preconstruction technology and methodology to plan and set up the project.


Emmaty uses Lean construction practices to reduce costs, materials, time and effort. Using this principle, Emmaty has been able to maximize the value and output of projects while minimizing wasteful aspects and time delays.


We evaluate models for each iteration of the design, identify changes and update our estimates accordingly. That real-time estimating allows us to develop the budget early on and manage to it throughout preconstruction and construction.

Why Choose Emmaty

Built on the foundation of experience, Expertise & Professionalism

Fully bonded, Licensed & Insured

We provide services & support that produce high-quality results

We use the latest technology to optimize all resources in a project.

True peer colaboration, results in driving premium value for our customers.

Lean construction culture in both preconstruction and the project management phase.

Professional electrical engineers and BIM/VDC team

Design Build

From initial plans to final sign off, Emmaty possesses the teams and inventory to create turnkey solutions. Whether it is a downtown high rise, or a suburban retail shopping center, Emmaty has the experience to design it and the means to build it.

Design Assist

Sometimes you just need a firm that can help you figure it all out. Whether it is a standard build off preset plans or one off custom project Emmaty can assist as much or as little as needed to make sure the project is implemented properly.

Demand Safety

You should demand safety from all of your sub contractors on the job site. It should be a non-negotiable. With Emmaty it is. We bring an excellent EMR of 0.57 to all our projects.